Welcome Goddess!

If you have found yourself here, then you are ready to transform your life & become a juicier awakened sensual goddess!

• Are you tired of feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, overwhelmed or exhausted?

• Do you feel stuck or disconnected from life, from your self, from something greater (God, Source, Creation)?

• Do you feel as if you are struggling through the motions of life, repeating the same old destructive patterns but not truly living?

• Are you feeling a sense of neediness, not enough-ness, shame?

• Does your self talk suck?

• Do you not like who you are becoming?

• Are you tired of being triggered by life and those around you?

• Have you been seeking outside of yourself, only to be left feeling more depressed or disconnected?

• Are you burdened with a desire to please others and waste time worrying?

• Have you taken countless courses and programs, read all of the self-help books and still find yourself in the same shit, different pile?

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If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are not alone.

It is not your fault.

You, like the masses, are being run by social conditioning and old programming from childhood.

Unless you shift the underlying old patterns and limiting beliefs, they will keep repeating and your struggles will continue.

• Would you like to feel more confident & deeply satisfied at the end of each day?

• Are you ready to clear away old patterns so that you can finally accept & love yourself?

• Are you longing to feel connected to your highest self, your soul, life or something greater?

• Would you love to wake up each day, feel beautiful and embody your feminine goddess essence?

• Would you like to feel more energized, juicy, alive and sensual in your life?

• Are you ready to experience more joy and pleasure through out your day?

• If you were plugged in to your life force energy what would you be able to create?

• Are you longing to dance freely or be more of your feminine authentic self?

• Would you like to be able to remain calm inside and out, regardless of what is going on around you?

• Are you ready to shift self criticism to self acceptance, shame to compassion, not enough to confidence, turned off to turned on, anxious to calm, frustrated to satisfied, disconnected to connected and turned on to turned up?

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. … Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.

– Hua Hu Ching

Women who I have been blessed to support say that they have shifted shame to self-forgiveness, disconnection to connection, neediness to self-acceptance, not-enoughness to self-love, numbness to sensitivity and dullness to aliveness.

“I am finally feel free from oppression and depression, free to be me. I have never loved myself before as I do now. Vireo’s coaching has changed my life from insecurity, pain and depression, to love, energy, and boundless joy! Vireo is truly a blessing. Thanks Vireo for answering the call and appearing like an angel in my life. Because of these new skills, I am so much happier and satisfied with myself and my life.” (A.H.K.)

“Before I worked with Vireo I was feeling insecure, self conscious about my naked body and how I looked. I was tight and constricted during sex with my husband and I had difficulty experiencing orgasm. Since working with Vireo I am way more open. I have been able to soften, relax, surrender and experience way more pleasure. I have experienced several orgasms since my sessions with Vireo. I am happy to celebrate that my husband & I are now having mind blowing sex! I feel deserving of pleasure now. My husband called me a Queen and I graciously received his gift as I said, ‘It is true ~ I am a Queen!’.” Melissa

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Testimonial – Satchi Gabriel Gold

Vireo is an exquisite facilitator and coach, deeply committed to BEING LOVE, who creates a safe and nurturing space for me to feel, express and be all that I am in each moment. I am honoured and blessed each time I bask in her loving presence and glowing heart! I so appreciate her continual growth and the living, organic, and spontaneous evolution of her teaching. And most importantly I feel only big heart and love, very little or no ego.

Satchi Gabriel Gold

Raw food teacher, Yoga Master, Massage Therapist

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