About Vireo

As a Belief Specialist and Intuitive Coach, I have a treasure chest overflowing with gems of wisdom and transformative tools, waiting to support you in becoming more of your best self.

I have been trained by the founder of Belief Re-Patterning, Suze Casey.

I, Vireo, Dancing Pleasure Goddess™, am an expert on supporting women to become empowered. Since 2008, I have supported and served hundreds of women in freeing themselves from lifelong patterns of self-sabotage to self-love, from shame to pleasure, from depression to freedom of expression, from sexual trauma to sexual healing, from feelings of not enough to deep self-acceptance, from struggle to thriving, from frustration to satisfaction, from unfulfilling sex to ecstatic orgasmic sacred union.

One of my gifts is creating safe and sacred space where women of all shapes, sizes and ages, feel safe to be themselves and share openly some of their deepest fears, hurts, worries, darkest secrets, desires and more.

Connect with me so that you can take the first step toward coming home more deeply to yourself.

Vireo’s Core Values:


~ Seeing beauty, creation, magnificence & innocence in all beings & all things, here in the present moment.

Dedicated to Love

~ Only people who are hurting and crying out for love, hurt others. Everything is either love or a cry for love. Love is always the answer, no matter the question.


~ You may as well be yourself, everyone else is taken. Claim your self worth and personal value! Freedom to be your genuine unique best self in each moment and share your gifts with the world.

Connection & Community

~ Experience a sense of belonging. Feel supported, included, seen and respected in a safe and sacred space.


~ Pleasure, joy, ecstasy and bliss are your birthright. They are your natural state of Being.


~ Openheartedly seeing, respecting & honouring the pure goodness, sacredness & highest divine essence in all beings, all life. All life is sacred. YOU are sacred.

When we honour life & our gifts, we create alignment in body, mind, soul and heart. It is time now to shine your light!

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