About Vireo

Vireo Karvonen - Dancing Pleasure Goddess

Vireo, “Dancing Pleasure Goddess™”, has been inspiring and empowering women since spring 2008, through her “Be Surrendered to the Dance of Life” coaching programs and her weekly Healing Dance Therapeutic groups which have their roots in Leyolah Antara’s Kundalini Dance™ (certified as a facilitator in 2008).

As the mother of two teenage boys, she brings a wealth of life experience and over a decade of expertise in the areas of personal transformation, sexual healing from sexual abuse, trauma release (especially related to suicide), communication, divorce healing, attracting your ideal beloved partner, tantra, spirituality and relationship shifts (mother, daughter, lover, etc).

Vireo has a gift at creating safe and sacred space where women of all shapes, sizes and ages, feel safe to be themselves and share openly some of their deepest fears, hurts, worries, desires, darkest secrets, and more. She has supported and served women in freeing themselves from lifelong patterns of self-sabotage to self-love, from depression to freedom of expression, from sexual dissatisfaction/frustration to sexual healing, from feelings of not enough to embracing a deeper self-acceptance, from struggle to thriving, from shallow physical sexuality to deeper sacred union with your Beloved in which you open each other to Source/God through love-making.

“I feel like I’m moving forward into a new beginning; free to be me, free from oppression and depression. I am finally starting to feel that ‘bliss’ that Vireo has been talking about.