Paralyzing Perfectionism to In Process

Has perfectionism ever stopped or blocked you? Well up until the other night, perfectionism had unknowingly paralyzed me from launching my new website & services. I kept revising it and unconsciously needing it to be perfect & well, that was setting myself up...

Remember to Breathe ~ It’s Empowering

I just posted a video blog on my Facebook Dancing Pleasure Goddess page where I shared about breath and the benefits and vital importance of deep breathing.  Empower yourself through deeper breathing. Did you know that we are the only mammal that holds its breath when...

Rising & Blooming Out of Muddy Waters

Roots in muddy waters, nourished by the muddy waters, the lotus rises & blooms, above the muddy waters, clean, beautiful & fragrant. If you are stuck or struggling in the muddy waters of your life and want to find nourishment in your muddy waters & bloom...
Sun Kissing My Face in the Morning

Sun Kissing My Face in the Morning

The early morning sun softly slipped through the large window when I gently pulled back the soft black shear curtains to let the light into my one room cabin.  My instant reflex to beauty kicked in, with no mind or effort.  I am taken immediately outside with my...

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