‘End Struggle NOW, Be Surrendered’ Coaching

I am finally feel free from oppression and depression, free to be me. I have never loved myself before as I do now. Vireo’s coaching has changed my life from insecurity, pain and depression, to love, energy, and boundless joy! Vireo is truly a blessing. Thanks to Vireo for answering the call and appearing like an angel in my life. Because of these new skills, I am so much happier and satisfied with myself and my life. (A.H.K.)

End Struggle NOW


BE Surrendered to the Joyous Dance of Life

End Struggle Now & Be Surrendered to the Joyous Dance of Life is a unique, one on one coaching program that supports and empowers nurturing women, especially spiritual women who are caregivers and moms, to completely transform their lives from dull, drained, depressed and disconnected to more alive, energized, flowing, vibrant, feminine, juicy and joyous, with a deeper connection to your authentic self and a deeper connection to Source/God.

End Struggle Now, Be Surrendered Coaching Program is a 3 month private one on one coaching program (face to face over Skype). This program is for YOU if you:

> are struggling, stuck or keep finding yourself in the same shit over and over again

> are sick and tired of going thru the motions of life like a robot or the living dead

> keep repeating the same old patterns in relationships with your men

> are unhappy in your relationship with yourself

> are dissatisfied in your primary relationship with your beloved/partner/mate (whether heterosexual or lesbian)

> feel like you don’t know who you are anymore (or maybe you have never known who YOU are)

> feel overwhelmed

> feel like quitting or checking out

> are suffering deeply on the inside even though you may appear like all is well outwardly and you put on a good show and look good on the outside for others

> feel like no matter how hard you try, your life doesn’t seem to change or get better or not enough to make a significant difference

> are sick of sacrificing your own joy and happiness for others, at your own expense

> have experienced traumas that are still effecting you now, years later, especially traumas related to a vehicle accident, sexual abuse or suicide of a loved one in your life

> want to stop being a victim in your life

> are willing and ready to face your fears, old programing and old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore (with support of course)

> are coachable

> are serious about being responsible for and changing your life

End Struggle NOW!

I have felt that it was my fault that my father killed himself, and it was the most painful feeling in my heart. I felt guilt and blame. Now, thru the coaching sessions with Vireo, I feel like I can control and forgive myself – like it wasn’t my fault and I can let go. For the first time in over four years, I am at peace and feel free. Guilt and blame are gone, and the question ‘why?’ has been answered. (J.B.)