Conscious Loving Sacred Union

“The practice of Orgasmic Healing is like any meditation practice…and also nothing like any meditation practice I’ve ever experienced. Attention, focus, allowing, continually allowing, breathing…all these things I have done before, but never have I experienced being with these fundamental pieces of my daily practice in my sensual life. OH is a map for reclaiming our sensitivity to our own senses. As a person with sexual trauma in my past, I have faced and felt the uncomfortable truths of my body’s past experience, again, through OH, and I have been transformed. My senses are my own again. Pleasure is attainable. Thank you so much Vireo! Bless you and your vulnerability.” — Jana

vireo after KD july 2016 IMG_4926

Vireo, “Dancing Pleasure Goddess™”, has been inspiring and empowering women for over 6 years now, through her “End Struggle NOW, Be Surrendered” coaching programs and her weekly Therapeutic Healing Dance groups which have their roots in Kundalini Dance™ (she has been a certified facilitator since 2008). Kundalini Dance™ and Orgasmic Healing paved the way for Vireo to clear shame and guilt and eventually to attract her Beloved, the Divine masculine in human form.


For the past few years Vireo has been teaching Orgasmic Healing, a sacred sexual practice focused on female sexuality and female orgasm.  This healing practice is opening the doorway for women to learn to melt their blocks to pleasure, feel safe & comfortable with thier own bodies, clear trauma, open to receive pleasure and be deeply nourished at their core.

“Conscious Loving Sacred Union” allows couples to learn tantric practices to explore and deepen their sacred sexual union. Join Vireo and let her open you to more aliveness, connection, ecstasy and pleasure in your body and in your life.

Currently Vireo is living by the lake, outside of Edmonton in rural Alberta, Canada.  She has travelled throughout Alberta and British Columbia, sharing these offerings with couples as well as single women who want to open to or deepen their sacred union.  Vireo is currently taking a break from offering OH until 2017.