Questionnaire – Be Surrendered, End Struggle NOW Coaching

Fill in questionnaire to see if you qualify for a Sweet Deal

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already taken the first step in changing your life! Congratulations!!!

I’d love to work with you to start creating the life you long for, but first I’ll need you to answer a few questions.

Scroll down to the questionnaire below, copy the questions into an e-mail, answer each one, and send it to me at

Only apply if you are serious about taking responsibility for your life and Ending Struggle NOW.

Vireo’s End Struggle NOW, BE Surrendered Coaching Program will support & allow you to:

> feel more alive and juicy from the inside out

> radiate the love that is your true essence

> release old traumas permanently (especially around events related to accidents, suicide, divorce or sexual traumas of rape & abuse)

> completely dissolve the energy of core beliefs that have been causing you self-sabotage and struggle

> integrate new character traits that empower you and allow you to live your life more fully and on purpose

> have your own direct and personal experience of knowing who and what you are at your core

> co-create your life

> take immediate action to transform your life

> have the tools to be empowered in your life NOW

> fall madly & deeply in love with yourself

> live more in the flow with ease and grace

> embrace your Divine Feminine Power & take back your power in your life NOW

> awaken to the Joyous Dance of Life which is your Divine birthright


Q.1 Please provide your full name:

Q.2 Please provide a contact phone number. (Required to confirm your appointment.):

Q.3 Please provide your email address.

Q.4 How did you hear about this Intuitive Strategy Session offer? Be Specific. Also, have you worked with Vireo Karvonen in the past? If so, when?

Q.5 What struggles, challenges and issues are you facing in your life right now?

Q.6 What are you currently doing to address these struggles/issues/ challenges?

Q.7 What is your biggest challenge or biggest struggle in your life right now?

Q.8 How is it impacting your life?

Q.9 What is it costing you to your health to keep struggling?

Q.10 What is it costing you to your relationships to keep struggling?

Q.11 What is it costing you to your overall life or work to keep struggling?

Q.12 What would it be worth to you to have your biggest struggle or challenge dissolved?

Q.13 How would it change your life to have this struggle/issue cleared completely?

Q.14 What would be your goal in being part of Vireo’s 3 month End Struggle Now & Be Surrendered to the Joyous Dance of Life Program?

Q.15 How much are you willing to invest in time each month?

Q.16 How much money are you willing to invest in ending this struggle now?

Q.17 How much time and money have you invested in resolving this struggle in the past?

Q.18 What has stopped you in the past from resolving this struggle? What’s getting in the way? (be as specific and honest as possible)

Q.19 On a scale of 1-10 (10=VERY ready), how ready are you to fully feel whatever arises?

Q.20 On a scale of 1-10 (10=VERY ready), how ready are you to invest in yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and financial level?

Q.21 What can stand in the way of you investing in yourself in each of the above areas?

Q.22 Are you ready to move outside your comfort zone for the sake of yourself and your ultimate goals? If so, why now?

Q.23 How coachable are you on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 not at all coachable – 10 very coachable and willing to take immediate action)?

Q.24 What else is important for me to know about you?

Q.25 If you qualify for a one on one Intuitive Strategy Session, which is better for you, in general, evenings or weekends?

Fill in questionnaire to see if you qualify for a Sweet Deal