Testimonials ~ Praise for Vireo

Praise for Vireo

Melissa Korth, Mother

“I have this amazing friend. She is medicine for my soul. She taught me about laughter yoga, sweating my prayers, self love and care and being totally authentic! She also happens to be Badass (see Blog)! I loved this so much I had to share, she is an authentic being to the core. may her REALness inspire you today too! Or not..we always have the choice to take what fits us and leave what doesn’t. Just so happens this Radical Beauty fits me well. Her name is Vireo.”. 💜


Praise for Vireo (One on One Coaching Sessions with Vireo; Be Surrendered 3 month Life Coaching)

I am finally feel free from oppression and depression, free to be me. I have never loved myself before as I do now. Vireo’s coaching has changed my life from insecurity, pain and depression, to love, energy, and boundless joy! Vireo is truly a blessing. Thanks to Vireo for answering the call and appearing like an angel in my life. Because of these new skills, I am so much happier and satisfied with myself and my life. (A.H.K.)

Praise for Vireo’s Human Design Chart Reading Sessions

Tiffany Sparrow, musician, music therapist

Vireo has an intuitive, uniquely refreshing approach to working with people. Her knowledge of Human Design and the information she imparted to me very much helped me remember how to connect with my body knowing in making decisions. It also helped me better know how to move through life with greater ease by understanding more clearly what impulses come naturally based on my design.

Tiffany Sparrow, musician, music therapist. 

Praise for Trauma Release Support (One on One Coaching Sessions with Vireo)

“I have felt that it was my fault that my father killed himself, and it was the most painful feeling in my heart. I felt guilt and blame. Now, thru the coaching sessions with Vireo, I feel like I can control and forgive myself – like it wasn’t my fault and I can let go. For the first time in over four years, I am at peace and feel free. Guilt and blame are gone, and the question ‘why?’ has been answered.” (J.B.)

More Praise for Vireo (1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with Be Surrendered 3 month Program)

Gwen Blair, Coaching Client Vireo allowed me “see the true me.”

“As I sit in my chair and feel the tremendous gifts Vireo has shared, my whole being becomes welled up with overwhelming love and gratitude. Experiencing Vireo as a Life Coach was awe inspiring she consistently took me to the next level of my being. One day truly stays within my being like no other, as she pulled out music from my past that was never discussed and yet was so totally profound. The two songs I downloaded and have with me on my iphone as I had forgotten them, pushed them away with the circumstances that had tremendously affected my life as a child. I was able to see myself, feel myself and create myself all over through the beauty and open arms of Vireo.

I remember all of the coaching times I had as I walked out always in awe of how I felt at the beginning of our time together to the end, always seeing new depth within my being and letting go of that which no longer served me. I was able to see me through the beauty of Vireo’s embrace, her beautiful smile, and the processes she would take me through to allow me to see the true me. There truly is so much to say about this beautiful woman who opens her being to one so fully, honestly, lovingly, joyfully.  Thank you Thank you Thank you. (Gwen Blair)


Praise for Vireo ~ I love Vireo’s magic little surprises!

“The first time I met Vireo at an event, I was immediately drawn to her sweet, soft, genuine nature and I knew right away I needed to work with her.  I went to my first dance class, not so much a class but a gathering of sisters, that is the kind of space Vireo creates and holds.   I have always felt safe, comfortable and loved when in her loving presence.   She has supported me on my journey in more ways than I can count or ever thought possible.   This beauty FULL woman is a real treasure, and she helps you to realize and trust your own unique gifts within.   The dances are a unique combination of breath work, movement and what I refer to as “Vireo’s magic little surprises.”   I love that she trusts in the Divines guidance when facilitating her classes.   I always leave with a full cup and the transformation has real staying power!   I highly recommend working with Vireo. Your life will be forever changed!” (Melissa Korth)

Praise for Trauma Release Support 

(One on One Coaching Sessions with Vireo)

(more coming soon… in process… )

Praise for Healing Dance & Kundalini Dance™

“Vireo has a beautiful way of making me feel like I am the only one in the room creating the space for me to be me. No judgement, no walls, no inhibitions, she is pure raw joy, beauty, blissful openness to all that I am. Experiencing Vireo’s Kundalini dance was amazing and tremendously opening. The music she chose was always inspiring, feeling that I could hear my higher self, listen to my inner being as we danced so openly, honestly, lovingly, was such an amazing experience. I look forward to experiencing Vireo’s awe-inspiring energy time and time again. Thank you beautiful Goddess for sharing your passion!  thank you for inspiring me I am tremendously grateful.”

(Gwen Blair)

“Vireo’s Healing Dance class offers an opportunity for celebration, growth, healing and connection, inwardly and outwardly. I recommend this class highly for anyone who is drawn to liberation and bliss. This class, and Vireo’s work, carried me forward and supported me on my journey towards wholeness.” —

Christine Carter, MD

Praise for Conscious Loving Sacred Union Practices

(Orgasmic Healing Workshop)

“The practice of Orgasmic Healing is like any meditation practice…and also nothing like any meditation practice I’ve ever experienced. Attention, focus, allowing, continually allowing, breathing…all these things I have done before, but never have I experienced being with these fundamental pieces of my daily practice in my sensual life. OH is a map for reclaiming our sensitivity to our own senses. As a person with sexual trauma in my past, I have faced and felt the uncomfortable truths of my body’s past experience, again, through OH, and I have been transformed. My senses are my own again. Pleasure is attainable. Thank you so much Vireo! Bless you and your vulnerability.” — Jana