Praise for Vireo

Testominal – Shelley Berg

I am so happy that I joined the Sacred Pleasure Path Program. My relationship with my husband has gotten so much better probably because we are spending more time together in the bedroom. I am feeling more sexually open. Also, I’ve increased my self care a lot which has resulted in some weight loss. I also feel way more confident. My moon time went from being 6 days of heavy flow at the beginning. It has gone down to 3 days and its kind of like back when I was 20 years old. I really like that a lot! Amazing. I didn’t even do the practices fully & every day or anything like that. So, I am really excited to do the program again and join in with the calls and to see what I else I can create with this amazing program. Thank you so much Vireo.

Shelley Berg

Cranial Sacral & Bowen Massage Therapist, Divine Crepes

Testimonial – Jeri Tourand

Vireo is a brilliant coach. Her intuition is dead on and her prayers and intentions are beautifully reflected in her sessions. She truly has the client’s best interest at heart! I felt the energy shift during our belief re-patterning session together and I am so grateful for the opportunity to transform old ideas, beliefs and karma into love, acceptance and truth. Highly recommended. Thank you Vireo! ~Jeri

Jeri Tourand

Zen Trilotherapy practitioner & Founder of Living from Heart Center, Living from Heart Center

Testimonial – Violet Rae

Vireo – Thank you so much for offering this series! It has been my anchor throughout these last few months, giving me the strength to stay grounded in faith in myself amidst challenging transitions.

I’ve remembered that I have access to Bliss inside me, at every moment.

I’ve deepened in my ability to put my self first in my life, and to trust that others will have the guidance they need, to remember that I can only be responsible for myself – no one else.

I love your passion and authenticity. I admire your courage to be vulnerable, and the faith you have in your intuition. I resonate with you – the potency of your words always guides me to deeper layers of opening. I can feel so strongly how much you care, and it is such a precious gift that you offer the world.

This series also expanded my experience of my sacral chakra feeding my throat chakra, I tapped into a new part of my voice, and it felt super powerful.

Violet Rae

Testimonial – Domina Doll

“Before working with Vireo for my Belief Re-Patterning, I was fearful, anxious and tense.  My back and shoulders ached.  I had just found out I had been laid off from a job and I was fearful for the future.
While I ‘knew’ the universe would support me, deep down I felt very unsure and vulnerable.
After my session with Vireo, I immediately shifted to feeling calm and totally supported 100%. I was much more relaxed and really believed the universe had my back and that I was powerful and thankful for the gifts and wisdom I received.  Also, I manifested 5 new clients as evidence of my shift.
Vireo is amazing to work with, her easy, joyful nature immediately filled me up with her beauty and light.  She is like a playful child who champions you with her enthusiasm and her caring makes you feel held, heard and supported.
She is an authentic light-worker who really cares about the people she works with and genuinely wants to help women love themselves, break out of old patterns and truly become empowered.”

Domina Doll

Sex Coach, Evoking Ecstasy

Testimonial – Annaliese Koltermann

“Over two days I had two Belief Re-patterning sessions with Vireo. They were both really powerful. I can FEEL the impact through my being, emotional, physical, spiritual, immediately. I feel aligned, grounded, expanded, and heartful rather than stressed, doubtful, and lost. What beauty!

Vireo exudes a lightness, healing, and compassionate vibration but still holds my highest intention, and Soul Self making it easy to forgive myself, and give myself permission to change what is no longer working for me anymore. She creates a safe and easy space for Belief Re-patterning to work right in the moment. Yay!”

Thank you, Vireo!!!

Annaliese Koltermann

Life Coach & Cranial Sacral Therapist

Testimonial – Christine Carter, MD

Vireo’s Healing Dance class offers an opportunity for celebration, growth, healing and connection, inwardly and outwardly. I recommend this class highly for anyone who is drawn to liberation and bliss. This class, and Vireo’s work, carried me forward and supported me on my journey towards wholeness.

Christine Carter, MD

Testimonial – Linda Crawford

Vireo is an exceptional woman who consciously holds sacred space to allow her dancers to safely journey inward. My 8 week experience was transformational in a way I have never felt before. I have done many seminars, weekend workshops and courses and for the first time through her Kundalini dance workshop truly felt the deepest of connection to my spirit and soul. To experience, Bliss, Freedom and Joy so intense was worth every single penny and time taken in my day to be there. I am totally convinced that dance has the potential to raise vibration and awakening as the experience of movement and breath opens up many many possibilities and doors…dance has become for me a regular practice! With deepest Gratitude, thank you Vireo for such an incredible gift!

Linda Crawford

Owner- Pure Potential Personal Fitness Training Inc

Testimonial – Charmaine Hamel

I am truly inspired by Vireo and the way she is able to move and express herself in a divine, authentic and truly powerful yet feminine way. Over the last 2 years of my Kundalini dance journey, Vireo has helped me to connect with my Goddess energy and express myself in ways I never thought were possible. I have been awakened to the truth of who I really am. Kundalini dance has transformed my life and it is a practice which I honour, respect and am passionate about. The sacredness of the group energy is amazing and the freedom I feel to dive into the depths of my beingness and connect to my soul is breathtaking. I am grateful that this journey has brought me to the place of acceptance of self, love of my feminine curves and embracing my divine, beautiful Goddessness. Thank-you Vireo for facilitating and creating a safe, fun, juicy and inspiring Kundalini dance series.

Charmaine Hamel

Testimonial – Satchi Gabriel Gold

Vireo is an exquisite facilitator and coach, deeply committed to BEING LOVE, who creates a safe and nurturing space for me to feel, express and be all that I am in each moment. I am honoured and blessed each time I bask in her loving presence and glowing heart! I so appreciate her continual growth and the living, organic, and spontaneous evolution of her teaching. And most importantly I feel only big heart and love, very little or no ego.

Satchi Gabriel Gold

Raw food teacher, Yoga Master, Massage Therapist

Testimonial – Paloma Vita

I thoroughly enjoyed my Human Design reading with Vireo.

I had been given some information about it before from other people but they had never managed to explain it to me in a way that made sense and I had largely dismissed the information as useless and irrelevant. Comes Vireo in the picture! She was able to correct the misunderstanding I had about my particular configuration and gave me information that helped me understand some long-standing patterns that have been distracting me from my personal fulfillment as well as give me new tools to navigate my life with a higher degree of confidence and empowerment.

I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to know more about themselves through this amazing modality.

Paloma Vita

Astrologer and Reiki teacher/practitioner; Copy Editor - Translator - Writer; Visionary Artist

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