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For the remainder of 2016, I will be taking a break from offering any courses, workshops or Kundalini or Healing Dance.  I am taking this time for self care.  Keep in touch & look for upcoming surprises in 2017!







love, compassion, forgiveness... ONLY love

love, compassion, forgiveness… ONLY love

Monthly Dosage of Love (spring) 2016.


YOU are invited – Amisk Lake, Boyle, Lac La Biche , Athabasca, (Alberta, Canada) & area women…. to gather as love, to support each other as women…. Sunday 1:30 to 4 pm April 10, 2016 (on Amisk Lake, Alberta).  If you are tired of being with others yet feeling alone, if you are tired of criticism & judgement from others or yourself and just want real heart to heart loving non-judgemental connection, if your heart is hurting, if you want  to connect with other women in a safe sacred space, if you want to be surrounded by beauty (the lake!), if you want to deepen your connection with the Divine in yourSelf & other women. if you are longing for something more… then this gathering is for YOU (only women).

Please bring:
*lawn chair (for being outside by fire)
*item to represent what you want for yourself in your life this fall
*finger food to share
*something to drink & cup
*your open heart & non-judgement
*donation for women’s shelter ($5? 10$)
*giveaways (clothing, household items, regifts- things you have an abundance of and are willing to share and/or something you no longer use and want to pass on or regift…)
We will have an opening & closing circle where each women will have time to be seen, heard, supported, loved… without judgement…. only love, love, love!!!
Then we will eat, laugh, love. play, perhaps dance & enjoy the lake and a fire…

Then you can return home to your loved ones, to the world ~ filled to overflow!
Please FB message me to let me know that you will be joining… or email me vireo@dancingpleasuregoddess.ca

Monthly Edmonton Kundalini Dance™ in Edmonton

Thursday 7 to 9:15 pm April 21, 2016 Southside of Edmonton

Self Criticism to Truth ~ Throat Chakra Dance

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Not speaking your truth? Holding back your words? Regretting words spoken harshly? Tired of self criticism & critic in your head? Throat hurting? Join us to raise the vibration of your throat chakra to truth and an expression of love. Danse to cleanse & clear your throat so that your words can be God’s words, aligned with truth. Be ready to express your truth, align your voice with highest of love and all that is Divine intended for YOU!

Bring an object to represent physically what you want to call into your life, in the area of your root chakra – abundance of love, connection to your tribe, support of your community, prosperity, wealth, food/shelter. Wear red and/or earth tones if you so desire!

Dance to experience more FLOW, energy, joy, Truth, Divine Power, pleasure, aliveness, LAUGHTER & connection to something more. More real heart to heart connection with other women & support from authentic women in a safe & sacred space.

Come & Experience this healing transformative dance –
Kundalini Dance™, combining breath, movement and sound. No experience necessary. All ages, sizes, shapes and abilities of women welcome!

One Thursday/month in Edmonton(occasional Friday of EACH month):

Vireo Karvonen, Certified Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator (May 2008) has been leading healing dance & coaching women in Alberta and BC for over 8 years now. She knows how to create sacred safe space where ALL women feel safe to BE themselves. Check out her website @www.dancingpleasuregoddess.ca
To Pre-register – (Women only)
E-transfer $22 vireokl@gmail.com
(*$33 @ door space permitting) * Register EARLY as only space for 9 women. * Exact address sent upon receipt of payment.

*Bring water, comfy clothes & willingness to sweat your prayers! (one Thursday of each month). Next dance May 4th.
Text Questions: 780-905-4912

Sunday, July 26 at 10:30am – 5:30pm Scarcity to Prosperity AbunDANCE
Tired of living in scarcity in some areas of your life?
Feeling poor or fear of not having enough?
Feeling alone or disconnected? Old patterns of sabotage holding you back? Want to deepen your connection to Source and shift from scarcity to abunDANCE in all areas of your life (finances, miracles, feeling of belonging, home wherever you find yourSelf… Read More

2015-2016 Feeling dull, dead inside or drained of life force energy?  Want more juiciness? Monthly Kundalini Dance™ in Edmonton ~ check it out!